miuralizationing my life :D

Having a lot of haruma's photos, I did something worthwhile.

Some days ago I just made some creation :D
By using my Sony Ericsson Themes Creator, I put some photos and made him alive in my cellular phone :D

It was not difficult to use this application. You may not need skill of programming, hacking or anything else :D Just need some patience and a little sense of creativity. Therefore, thanks Sony for creating this application. It really help me made him stay close with me, hahahaha :D :D ( do not jealous Re*a :) )

To help me slice and compress his photos, I simply use my photoscape. 
(Just to know, It was the longest process of all. First I have to choose some photos that suitable with the template, and after it, I started to compress and slice them. It depend on my creation whether it must be compress or should be sliced :D)

And after all, this is it. 
My first miura's theme on my phone :)

Hoaaaa, I think it was the worst. I made it dowdily, gomen ne haruma-chan :D

Ah, yup
Not only in my phone, I also made him stay in my notebook (evilsmirk) 
I use his photos as my desktop background, and as the contain of my slide show gadget too :D

Woaaaaaaaaaaaa, haruma-chan @.@

That was what I called by miuralizationing my life :D
Wanna come join me? :D

*Photos are from internet. Thanks for the uploader :D

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